4 Paddles Arena Hack, Cheats, Tips, Guide and Hints

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  • 4 Paddles Arena is a game developed by Tobias Froihofer, you can download 4 Paddles Arena here.

    In this local multiplayer game play alone against bots or with up to 3 friends. Compete against each other on a single mobile phone or tablet. Each player has a single button to control a paddle, which makes the game easy to learn.

    Tap your button to rotate your paddle. Hit balls with it to change them into your color and shoot them at your friends. Each ball you color gives you points. Try to get more points than your friends.

    When inside a circle, tap your button to orbit around the circle and to control your movement. Tap again to leave the circle and continue to catch balls with your paddle.

    Do not let balls of different color get into your center or you will die. Try to move away from them or hit them with your paddle. If you die you can still win if you scored more points than your friends.

    Catch balls of your own color with your center to score additional points and to shoot them in your movement direction. With a well placed shot you can get rid of one of your competitors.

    Easy to learn, hard to master and a lot of fun. Just try it.

    2 game modes: Arena and Race

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