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  • EggSanity is a game developed by Tec Dungeon, you can download EggSanity here.

    Stop the EggSanity and save the alien species from extinction. Your job is so important that we made this a free game, yet for the population of these peace loving creatures, this is life and death, so take it seriously. Ok, this is one of those fun games, so don’t take it that seriously.

    You have one job, and one job only, and that is to protect the bouncing egg until it hatches with the offspring that will save you from extinction.

    Easy you say? Well, try predict where a egg is going to bounce, try predict what direction it is going to bounce in, and then there are the Eggsterminator’s that only care about burning the life energy from the innocent egg.

    Ok, fine you say, what can I do? Well, just keep the egg bouncing until it hatches, or keep the Eggsterminator’s away by zapping them with your lightning bolt! Just run into the enemy and watch the electrocution commence.

    We love action games, and we like to make sure our games are considered fun games, so with this in mind we have kept the advertising out of the way of game play. The advertising is based on a reward system, so watch an ad for a reward. You are not forced at any stage to watch an Ad, It can however help you conquer the game.

    What you NEED to know:

    • Don’t let the egg graphics go completely RED (top left of screen), or else your egg and hatchlings will be destroyed.
    • Help the egg hatch by keeping withing 10 units (top left of screen). If you are more than 10 units away, the distance counter will turn read.
    • Keep track of the Zap bar which shows how much zap energy you have left (top right of screen).
    • Use the boost button to help restore your Zap power quicker (top right of screen).
    • Use joystick on to direct your player (bottom left of screen).
    • Use jump to help your player clear obstacles (bottom left of screen).
    • You beat the level when you hatch the egg. The population that you save on each egg hatched, is between 10 to 30 hatchlings.


    Q: Why does the egg bounce?
    A: There are two official stories about this, 1: The egg likes to bounce, and who am I to judge the will of the egg. 2: It’s a self preservation tactic.

    Q: Where do the hatchlings go after the level is complete?
    A: They are teleported to a spaceship situated in the upper atmosphere of the planet.

    Q: Can I see the spaceship?
    A: No.

    Q: Where is this planet?
    A: Dunno, I’m not an astronomer and I can’t afford to hire one.

    Q: Why are there ads in the game?
    A: I prefer the game to be free and allow you the choice of deciding if you want to trade your time to watch an ad, in exchange for in-game rewards. Any income will most likely aid in the continued survival of the poor helpless hatchlings. You have any idea how much it costs to keep a spaceship maintained? It’s a lot!

    Q: It doesn’t make sense that all the character in the game use eggs as a vessel to create new life.
    A: Totally agree, I didn’t believe it till I saw it with my own eyes. Its something to behold.

    Q: Why does the enemy sometimes get stuck on obstacles?
    A: The Eggsterminator’s are not very bright, on the plus side they make up for it with their amazing personalities.

    Q: My player teleport’s back to the position of the egg, what happened?
    A: The player is linked to the energy of the egg, so when the player is too far away (currently 50 units), it automatically teleport’s back to the eggs position. You can use this as a strategy to find the egg, however it can be dangerous if there are lots of enemy players near the egg.

    Q: Are there any Eggsterminator on the first level?
    A: No, the hatching of the first batch attracts the Eggsterminator. The more population you create, the more difficult the game gets.

    Q: Is there a maximum number of enemy characters?
    A: Yes, this version of the game currently has a maximum of 10 Eggsterminators, which I have found to be nearly impossible to handle.

    Q: Are there in App purchases?
    A: Not currently, and It will be added once I create more characters and/or enemy’s.

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