Immortal Rogue Hack, Cheats, Tips, Guide and Hints

Immortal Rogue hack and cheats will help you get unlimited in game resources for absolutely free, all you have to do is following the instruction. You will find our details guide for using our Immortal Rogue hack, cheats tools. It is absolutely free for Immortal Rogue users and it is extremely easy to use. Moreover, you don’t need to download any malicious programs to hack Immortal Rogue, everything will be done online, so extremely easy to use and risk free for Immortal Rogue players. Now lets get started with our Immortal Rogue hack, cheats tool.

  • Simple Immortal Rogue Hack Cheats tool to use:

    All you have to do is click on this button below to go to our hack, more Immortal Rogue hacking details will be provided below.

    Detailed Immortal Rogue hack cheats guide:

    1. Click the above link that you we provided.
    2. Make sure you have internet access to hack Immortal Rogue
    3. Input your gamecenter account in
    4. Finish the rest of the instruction
    5. Done.

    What will you get after hacking Immortal Rogue:

    1. Pretty much every in-app purchase you need for free.
    2. No need to pay a single dime for all in app purchases.

    What makes our Immortal Rogue hack cheats tool superior: 

    1. No need to download everything to hack Immortal Rogue
    2. No need to pay for any cent.
    3. Works 100%, no scamming.
    4. Work for both iOS and Android, no need to root nor jailbreak.
  • Immortal Rogue is a game developed by Kyle Barrett, you can download Immortal Rogue here.

    Immortal Rogue is a brutal, swipe-controlled action roguelike. You play as a vampire that wakes up every 100 years to feed. Who you choose to hunt directly impacts the future and changes the game world. Different timelines offer different enemies to defeat and unique items to discover. You can fight samurai with a rocket fist from a long lost civilization, or take out cyborgs with an enchanted katana.

    The combat is challenging, and defeat has consequences. But you can never truly die. The world goes on with both your allies, and your enemies, awaiting your return.

    Key Features:
    -A dynamically generated world based on your narrative choices.
    -Challenging, skill-based combat with mobile-friendly controls.
    -Over 70 unique enemies to discover
    -Colorful, retro-styled pixel art.
    -30+ Vampiric abilities to unlock
    -30+ Unique weapons to master
    -Secret bosses to discover.
    -Hundreds of potential characters to hunt down or turn into allies
    -Massive replayability with scores of possible timelines that offer their own distinct characters, challenges, and rewards.

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