Miner’s Rebellion Hack, Cheats, Tips, Guide and Hints

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  • Miner’s Rebellion is a game developed by Graham Cassells, you can download Miner’s Rebellion here.

    It’s 1854, during the Australian Gold Rush era. The Gold Miners of Ballarat are revolting against the colonial authority of the United Kingdom (Red Coats) who are taking away their hard-earned gold by making them pay for a Miner’s Licence.

    As a Gold Miner, collect the gold in the middle of the field and deposit it to one of the 4 Gold Stands around the field. A flag will rise next to the Gold Stand that is willing to trade your gold for money. The enemy Red Coats will try and stop you because you don’t have a Miner’s Licence. Little do the Red Coats know that you have a Paintball Gun to defend yourself. Watch out though, you have limited ammo to fight with. The ammo is restocked after a successful trade at a Gold Stand. Taking hits from enemy Paintballs will drain your health – If your health reaches 0, you lose. Collect the specified amount of money in the lowest time to earn a high-score. Good luck.

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