PolitiTruth Hack, Cheats, Tips, Guide and Hints

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  • PolitiTruth is a game developed by Cinq-Mars Media, you can download PolitiTruth here.

    PolitiTruth is a non-profit game of distinguishing political fact from fiction.

    Swipe left to guess a news story is false and swipe right to guess it is true. The game is made in partnership with the Pulitzer Prize winning organization PolitiFact in the hopes of encouraging players to better discern sources of information while gathering beneficial statistics on public misconceptions. By tapping into our competitive nature, we hope to expand political consciousness.

    Guesses are anonymously saved online to show how your political awareness compares to other players, and to help identify the stories people get wrong most often.

    Data on public misconceptions in politics is highly reliant on surveys and our hope is with a large audience of people playing, we can make these statistics more robust and reduce response bias.

    The game is premiering at E3 2017 through the IndieCade showcase.

    PolitiTruth was created by Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis and is part of Cinq-Mars Media, a 501(c)3 devoted to education.


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