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  • Spellmaker is a game developed by Joel Berman, you can download Spellmaker here.

    Learn spells.
    Each spell has a unique combo which will be written in your spellbook when you learn it. Swipe the correct combo to cast your desired spell to fit the situation. Cast water to put out fires, and fire to light the way. There are many spells to find in the world.

    Curve spells.
    After you cast a spell you can still control it. You will learn how to control a spell to curve it around walls.

    Practise in elemental dojos.
    In each city and in the wild you will find dojos and obstacle courses where you can learn new spells, new techniques and hone your skills.

    Explore the world.
    Travel from city to city to find new spells, complete challenging missions and progress the story.

    Fight friendly mages, enemies and monsters.
    Beware of enemies that know unusual spells and monsters that will require quick thinking to defeat without getting hurt. Sparring with friendly mages will keep your skills sharp.

    Advanced techniques.
    You will learn to overcharge spells to more powerful versions.

    Coming in future updates:
    Spell upgrades that you will be able to equip, allowing you to specialise your spells.
    More spells to discover and master in obstacle courses.
    New mysterious areas to explore.
    More intriguing quests.
    The story will continue!

    Spellmaker is made by a small studio in Cape Town and we appreciate your feedback and tips. Let us know what you enjoyed most and what you would like to see in upcoming chapters at [email protected]

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