Surprise Eggs! Hack, Cheats, Tips, Guide and Hints

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  • Surprise Eggs! is a game developed by Jonas Moller, you can download Surprise Eggs! here.

    Surprise Eggs is all about opening eggs and finding the toys inside.

    Surprise Eggs is perfect if you have a baby!

    In Surprise Eggs, your child will have fun while learning:

    – Fine Motor skills – swiping and tapping the screen
    – Numbers – count the number of Surprise Eggs opened
    – Vocabulary – look through your collection of toys and learn their names AND sounds
    – Enjoy building a collection of toys

    Recommended Ages: 0-5

    New Feature: Paint the toys + New Toys: Panda and Formula 1 Racer

    TRY THE NEW SPINNER FEATURE! Use your finger and spin the toy, see how much you can make it spin.

    *** FEATURED TOYS ***

    The first toy you receive might be this advanced starfighter. Tap it will shoot its super laser. This powerful beam will explode anything it hits.

    The second toy you receive might be this beautiful blue diamond. This precious gem will be a magnificent prize to your collection. Tap it and you will hear a delightful Bling! sound. Wonderful jewelry.

    You may encounter this awesome tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur. It has been frozen for millions of years. Notice how strong and terrifying he is. Sharp and deadly teeth, his bite is lethal! Tap him and he will let out his scary Roar!

    You are lucky if you find this super cute classic teddybear. His fur is brown and he will soon become your favorite plush toy. Press his hands and you will hear a fun squeaky toy sound.

    If you dream about delicious candy then you can look forward to this. There are several sugar based surprises hiding inside the eggs. A yummy red Lollipop, tap it to lick it. A nice cold Cola in a can. Ah! The sound when you open a soda, but be careful you might let out a Burrrp! For a hot summerday theres also a tasty ice cream cone, quickly before it melts. Collecting all the candy based toys will surely be a sweet adventure.

    Any girl will love these beautiful pink shoes.

    Follow the map and find this classic pirate treasure chest. X marks the spot. Gold and silver awaits.

    There are numerous animal toys waiting to be discovered inside the eggs. On rare occasions you might find the frog. Tap this amphibian and you will hear the sound of frogs croaking. Ribbit!

    This wolf dog is no cute puppy. A wild animal. Listen to him howl at the moon.

    There several awesome cars to collect. Boys will love these. A lightning fast blue Racecar. This car will surely win any race. The engine of this thing is unmatched by any other car. How many horsepowers do you think? There is also a Dune Buggy. It’s painted green and it can drive through any terrain.

    Dominates the sky. Look up! It’s gone in a flash. Like thunder.

    This massive powerful ATV is an impressive machine. Take a ride in this and crush anything in your path. The giant tires will demolish any regular car it encounters! Wruum!

    Balloons in all colors: White, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and shapes like tucan and snake.

    An epic electric guitar is also occasionally found inside the eggs. This awesome rock instrument can play a cool Riff over and over. But your timing must be just right.

    This honorable guardian will protect the king at all costs. His armor and boots will protect him.

    Robotics meets human in this impressive cyborg. But why does he say ‘Does not compute’? Perhaps his transformer is broken.

    Plenty of more fun and interesting Toys such as: shark, chicken, dino, octopus, banana-man, bear, fighterjet, anime hero and much more.

    The rest of the toys is a secret mystery – you must find them yourself.

    Here at Chamomile Software we always do our best to make fun games for kids. Whether it’s games for kids or games for toddlers, we always try to make the games entertaining and enjoyable.

    This is the first of hopefully many fun kid games. We try to be among the best games for kids.

    Easter or not, your child will love this game!

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