Tappy-Tap-Tap Hack, Cheats, Tips, Guide and Hints

Tappy-Tap-Tap hack and cheats will help you get unlimited in game resources for absolutely free, all you have to do is following the instruction. You will find our details guide for using our Tappy-Tap-Tap hack, cheats tools. It is absolutely free for Tappy-Tap-Tap users and it is extremely easy to use. Moreover, you don’t need to download any malicious programs to hack Tappy-Tap-Tap, everything will be done online, so extremely easy to use and risk free for Tappy-Tap-Tap players. Now lets get started with our Tappy-Tap-Tap hack, cheats tool.

  • Simple Tappy-Tap-Tap Hack Cheats tool to use:

    All you have to do is click on this button below to go to our hack, more Tappy-Tap-Tap hacking details will be provided below.

    Detailed Tappy-Tap-Tap hack cheats guide:

    1. Click the above link that you we provided.
    2. Make sure you have internet access to hack Tappy-Tap-Tap
    3. Input your gamecenter account in
    4. Finish the rest of the instruction
    5. Done.

    What will you get after hacking Tappy-Tap-Tap:

    1. Pretty much every in-app purchase you need for free.
    2. No need to pay a single dime for all in app purchases.

    What makes our Tappy-Tap-Tap hack cheats tool superior: 

    1. No need to download everything to hack Tappy-Tap-Tap
    2. No need to pay for any cent.
    3. Works 100%, no scamming.
    4. Work for both iOS and Android, no need to root nor jailbreak.
  • Tappy-Tap-Tap is a game developed by CRIPPT LLC, you can download Tappy-Tap-Tap here.

    People today wait an average of 20 minutes a day for the bus or train, 32 minutes whenever they visit a doctor, 28 minutes in security lines whenever they travel, 21 minutes for a significant other to get ready to go out, 13 hours annually waiting on hold for a customer service. Tappy-Tap-Tap is a monthly game for people looking for something fun to do when they are waiting.

    Basic gameplay involves accumulating points by tapping. Leaderboards show the top players each month. Leaderboards are updated after each level is completed.

    Players can tap with multiple fingers to accelerate game play. Players earn silver and gold coins as players gain points. Players use their coins to purchase robots and strength so they can earn points faster.

    To start, players have 0 robots and 1 strength. The number that rises on the screen after a tap is the amount of points earned. Tap values can be calculated by multiplying the number of robots (+1 for the player) by the strength total at the time of the tap.

    Gameplay restarts monthly. The monthly restart returns points, level, and robots to 0 and strength to 1. Unused gold and silver coins are not lost as part of the monthly game restart.

    Download Tappy-Tap-Tap today for a unique gaming experience to enjoy the next time you are stuck waiting for something!

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