Wacky Bowling Hack, Cheats, Tips, Guide and Hints

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  • Wacky Bowling is a game developed by Terry Mbanefo, you can download Wacky Bowling here.

    Wacky Bowling is a free and exciting physics-based puzzle game where you aim to keep a bowling ball above the ground by swinging between 3 ledges with the primary goal of knocking all the pins off their platforms and onto the floor. This fun and exciting game combines some of the features of both bowling games along with a good physics system that allows for dynamic swinging mechanics.The game also gives the player the feature of applying a force or boost to the bowling ball in any of 4 cardinal directions(N,S,E,W) thereby giving the player momentum to move in their desired directions.

    This swinging game encourages players to think outside of the box and apply different strategies and swinging combinations plus a bit of patience in their attempt to smash the pins whilst successfully swinging past and evading obstacles. This is an easy-to-learn game as it was inspired by a variety of fun hypercasual games promising a fun, engaging and addictive gameplay.


    1. After letting go of a ledge, a player can only use the boost option once and has to reattach to a ledge in order to refill the boost ability.

    2. Players can apply a boost as many times as they would like as long as the ball remains attached to a ledge.

    3. Ball must not touch the ground or else a life is lost.

    4. Player only wins once the last pin has touched the ground.

    Wacky Bowling also contains an in-game shop where players can use game coins to purchase and unlock new bowling balls. These coins are rewarded to the players every time a level is completed. Some bowling balls are faster than others when the player applies forces/boosts thereby giving the player more possibilities for different strategies and combinations.

    There are no age restrictions to play this game thereby making it a safe and fun game for kids, families and schools.There are currently 18 levels which players would have to progress to with each level being more challenging than the previous. 18 new levels will be added at the end of every week with a bunch of new customisable balls. Have fun and get swing-bowling.

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